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Tips for Brewing a Great Cup of Tea

With a cup of fragrant brew, you'll be refreshed and good as new”  -Shane Washington, Founder & Co-Owner of River Birch     There are many ways to brew a cup of tea. We at River Birch believe the best way begins with using organic loose leaf tea, and ends with your preferences. We are providing some guidelines for you when brewing our tea, but don’t hesitate to make adjustments for your personal taste. There are for main considerations when brewing tea: Water Quality Quantity of Tea Water Temperature Steeping Time The first item, water quality is the only item that is consistent when brewing any of our teas. It is ideal if the water is fresh and cold.  Warm or hot tap water in particular, tends to carry more minerals that can impact the flavor of your tea.  Do not use distilled, previously boiled water, or over boil, as it can also negatively affect the taste of your tea. The chart below provides guidelines: Type Quantity per Cup Hot Tea Quantity per Cup Iced Tea Temperature Steeping Time Hibiscus Green Tea 2 - 3 teaspoons 4 -6 teaspoons 170 - 180 degrees F / 77-82 C 1 to 3 minutes Strawberry Black Tea 1 - 2 teaspoons 2 - 4 teaspoons 212 degrees F / 100 C 2 to 4 minutes Chamomile Flower Tea 1 - 2 teaspoons 2-4 teaspoons 212 degrees F / 100 C 3 to 5 minutes ** Note: If you don’t have a temperature gauge; 212 F / 100 C is a full rolling boil              170 - 180 F / 77- 82 C is when bubbles form at bottom of pot or kettle Brewing Steps:  Measure your loose tea in infuser or strainer  Heat water to desired temperature  Steep your tea - make sure tea is completely covered with water and remove when the time has elapsed. (Don’t brew too long for stronger taste, just add more tea!) Discard the used tea leaves when they are damp or wait until they have dried to more easily remove them  Sweeten, add milk, etc., as desired    Enjoy! We hope our organic teas along with our soy candles enhance your personal self-care rituals. Organic Strawberry Black Tea Organic Hibiscus Cinnamon Green Tea         Organic Chamomile Flower Tea         Organic Loose Leaf Sampler Gift Set of 3         Tea Infuser Ball (Pack of 2)