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How to Pick the Perfect Scents for Your Brand or Event

by Erica Rome Washington |

Picking the perfect scents for your brand can be tricky, but these steps can make it easier! 


1) Set intention or vibe

It's important to know what you are looking for with the scents you choose. Are you looking for tropical beach scents? Relaxing Spa Scents? Cozy Fall Scents?


2) Review scent list

Check out our scent list through the link in our bio. Review the scent descriptions and navigate using the tabs to see different categories like Best Sellers, Seasons and more

Here is a link to our scent list (including categories + descriptions): Click Here


3) Order samples

Now that you have seen the options, which scents fit what you are looking for? We always highly encourage samples to make sure you are in love with the scent.

Order Samples: Here


4) Test samples

Once you have received your samples. it's time to test them out! Cold throw and hot throw intensity varies based on the scent so it may be helpful to burn samples of the scents you are interested in.

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