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11 Candles with The Best Throw >
"As soon as the summer hits, I want all things lemon-flavored (limoncello, lemon gelato...basically anything with even a hit of lemon), and this lemon-scented soy candle packs the same zesty punch, making it feel like summer all year. Made with natural fragrances, the energizing citrus scent is grounded with base notes of vanilla and sugar, and the wick provides about 40 hours of burn time."


The Best Self Care Gifts for a Friend in Need of Pampering >
"River Birch Candles sells organic candles that are not made with any dangerous chemicals, like many other candles. They believe that candles should be made with soulful fragrance and no BS ingredients. This means they use 100% soy wax, safe and natural fragrance as well as cotton wicks." 


Hidden Gems: Meet Erica and Shane Washington of River Birch Candles
"So many retailers fell in love with the captivating aroma of River Birch Candles that they were flooded with requests for custom candles. Because of all of the requests for custom candles, River Birch started offering Private Label Candles & Decorative Colorful Matches to small businesses around the world. They have become the largest supplier of private label candles in the great state of Texas within a year!" 



103 Black-Owned Brands to Support Today and Always >
"River Birch Candles believes that all companies should be a force of good, therefore they focus on sustainable practices and giving back to those in need. For each candle purchased, they donate one meal to an individual experiencing homelessness in Texas, one of the country’s largest homeless populations." 



Meet Erica & Shane Washington | Owners of River Birch Candles >
"River Birch Candles makes beautiful natural candles, handmade matches, and organic loose-leaf teas. We have the largest selection of matches and match blends in the world. We are most proud of the 300+ stores and companies that we work with regularly through wholesale and partnerships." 



The 25 Best Scented Candles for Men>
"Be transported to the Himalayas with this crisp and woody scent of Himalayan cedar and blue gum eucalyptus. Smell and feel the warm and earthy forest in this all natural and eco-friendly soy candles as you relax and breathe in soot-free fragrance in the comfort of home. Enjoy its long-lasting aroma for up to 60 hours. Each candle comes in a lovely jar and packaged in a high-quality cardboard box." 



The Coziest Candles for Your Pandemic Winter >
"You can breathe easing knowing it’s made of 100% soy wax, natural fragrance, and a 100% organic cotton wick." 



Unique and Handmade - River Birch Candles ->
"Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in candle-making but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Erica Rome-Washington, CEO, and co-owner of River Birch Candles, located in Richardson, TX, USA" 



Alumus and Wife Give Back Through Candle Company >
"Shane and Erica have found themselves on a path that they never expected. Still, they’re determined to follow their dreams and make the world a better place one candle at a time." 



Alum Donates Thousands of Meals to Homeless >
"It must have helped – River Birch continues to scale up both its sales and donations. New scents (blackcurrant rose, jasmine and gardenia joined the botanical line) are available via Amazon, and sales have been such that River Birch has been able to continue to support the Stewpot in addition to a new partnership with Feeding America to also donate meals across the country." 



Katie Musser: Amazon Home + Decor Haul >