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The mouthwatering aroma of a crisp Macintosh Apple fresh from the orchard. The comforting scent of this pure soy candle makes wherever you are when you light it feels like home.

our commitment to clean ingredients

Signature Wax Blend

Soy & coconut wax hand poured by Texas' best candle artisans

Natural Fragrance

Each scent is crafted by master perfumers to bring life to every room

Organic Cotton Wick

Our wicks are made with natural, organic cotton to give a clean burn.


the gift that gives back

For each candle purchased,

we donate a meal to an individual facing hunger

in America through Feeding America and the Stewpot Dallas.


What is the burn time for River Birch Candles?

Our 8 oz candles have a 40 hour burn time and our 8.5 oz candles burn for 45 hours.

To get the longest life out of your candles, be sure to trim your wick! We suggest trimming wicks 1/4" before each use.

Can River Birch candle containers be reused and recycled?

Yes! We encourage everyone to reuse and recycle cleaned candle containers. All River Birch candle containers are 100% recyclable.

What makes River Birch Candles unique?

We believe there are too many companies selling candles made with chemicals dangerous for your health.
We believe that candles should be made with soulful fragrance and no BS ingredients. This means we use soy & coconut wax, safe and natural fragrance as well as cotton wicks.

What is the best way to care for a candle?

A lighted candle is an open flame. Be careful. Always keep candles away from drafts, heat sources, and anything flammable. Make sure burning candles are out of the reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

The first burn of a candle is the most important. When lighting a candle for the first time, burn until wax melts across the entire surface to liquefy the entire top layer. If the wax does not melt from edge to edge of the container, it will create a “memory ring”. Once a candle has a memory ring, it will continue to tunnel and will never burn evenly.

Going forward, when you burn your candle, always allow the top layer to become a pool of liquid wax and you'll get the most fragrant scent possible.

Keep the wick trimmed to 1/8 inch at all times.

Ideally, burn River Birch Candles for 90 minutes to 2 hours. and never more than four hours at a time.

Store candles in a cool, dark and dry place when not in use

When only 1/2" or 10mm of candle wax remains, it's time to discontinue use, and perhaps try a new River Birch Candle Scent.

Do you wholesale your candles, matches & teas?

Yes, we do! Learn more about being a wholesale partner here: