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Tea Infuser Ball (Pack of 2)
Tea Infuser Ball (Pack of 2)

Tea Infuser Ball (Pack of 2)

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  • DETAILS: Premium Stainless Steel Tea Ball Infuser 2 Pack. No Bags Required. Hook and Chain Make Removal A Breeze
  • ENJOY YOUR TEA WITHOUT DEBRIS. Ideal for use with large, medium, and herbal tea leaves our infuser will prevent tea leaves from escaping into your kettle. The secure, hinged clasp will keep the ball together until you’re ready to clean it.
  • NO MORE FISHING BAGS OUT OF YOUR POT. Not only does using our strainer open up new tea possibilities, it also includes a hook and chain attaches to the side of your pot for easy removal of the tea ball
  • CLEAN UP IS A SNAP. Easy to clean. Simply open the ball to access the tea leaf particles. We recommend spraying the outside of the ball after opening to loosen any leaves stuck to the mesh.
  • NOT JUST FOR TEA. Our customers love using the stainless-steel tea steeper to infuse spices into chicken, vegetable, and other stocks. It is also an easy way to add flavor to mulled wines, hot ciders, and more.